Consuelo León, member of the Childcare and Family Policies Chair, attended the Advisory Council meeting on bullying at the Barça Foundation

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Last December, the Barça Foundation created an advisory council on bullying containing teachers and experts representing various disciplines from around Catalonia. Consuelo León, member of the Childcare and Family Policies Chair was chosen to join this Council.  

The Childcare and Family Policies Chair is an initiative set up by the Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF), in cooperation with the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation. One of its objectives is to analyse the current situations of minors and the main problems that affect their wellbeing within the context of family, educational and technological changes from the perspective of family policies.

Bullying at school is one of the Chair’s lines of research and was also the topic for the event held in November at  UIC Barcelona. On this occasion the new chair was presented as well as a report written by the IESF on bullying in Catalonia.

The Barça Foundation has funded and put into practice more than twenty social inclusion and sponsorship programmes.  The Advisory Council for this foundation holds meetings each trimester and one of its objectives is to improve education and information on the aforementioned issues, promote a responsible use of social networks and create a collection of recommendations that will allow bullying in Catalonia to be tackled in a comprehensive way.