UIC Barcelona signs a cooperation agreement with the Russian State Social University (RGSU)

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This cooperation agreement was presented in a public session on 3 October by Montserrat Gas, director of the Institute of Advanced Family Studies, and Pilar Lacorte, assistant director of teaching programmes. The agreement signed with RGSU will form the basis for other agreements between the two institutions which aims to promote the exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students between both universities.

The RGSU is interested in including the Postgraduate Degree in Marriage and Family Education in its postgraduate programmes, both in its English and Russian versions. It is expected that lecturers and students from the Russian university by studying this postgraduate degree will graduate with a double degree.

The Russian State Social University http://en.rgsu.net/ was founded in 1991. The university is currently the leading institution in Russia for developing social reforms and the first to offer programmes in social work, disability, youth and gerontology. Since its inception, over 400,000 social workers have graduated from its programmes.