‘Indiana Jones’, ‘The Shining’ and ‘Grease’, just some of the films making a comeback at UIC Barcelona

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Students from the Department of Audiovisual Communication took part in Remaking, the objective of which is to recreate scenes from some of the seventh art’s most legendary titles.

Indiana Jones, the world’s most famous archaeologist and university professor, stealing the Sankara Stones from the Temple of Doom. Danny, the boy from The Shining, bumping into the twins in blue dresses holding hands as he rides he tricycle. Or the night Sandy recalls her summer of love with Danny Zuko with Rizzo, Frenchy and Maraschino. All of these legendary scenes have been reshot at UIC Barcelona as part of the extracurricular activity Remaking. 

In addition to these films, this year’s remakes also included Drive, Fight Club, The Shawshank Redemption and Metamorphosis, in an activity organised entirely by students from Audiovisual Communication. The objective was to plan and shoot the scene with the same camera angles as the original and with the same impact on viewers. 

After weeks of work, the remakes were finally screened on 19 June in the Aula Jardí, in an event complete with popcorn and live music. The students’ remakes were also compared with the real scenes and an award ceremony was staged, making the screening even more entertaining and professional.